Excuse Me, Is That My Husband? (Rachel)




“Darnell!?” I said in a loud whisper.

“Yes, that’s my little side piece for now. He’s so sexy and he’s a doctor,” she replied blushing.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. First of all, the feeling that was burning within my soul was actually true? That my man had been cheating on me for God knows how long. Secondly, that the woman I just came home with is the whore my husband has been sleeping with!

“So did you want me to leave?” I said curious as to why she had anyone coming over at all.

“Of course not! I was actually hoping you’d stay for a little two on one if you know what I mean?” No this heffa didn’t just assume that I was into her little freaky escapades and wanted me to tag along so they both could toy around with me. I needed to get the hell out of there and fast before I lost my temper. However, it wouldn’t be so bad to see what he does to try and wiesel his way out of this one. I figured I’d just play along until she opened the door and keep my cool even when he saw me.

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A Married Man? (Kayleigh)

…A wedding ring!? “How could this be,” I asked myself. I didn’t see any family photos or photos with him and another woman! Unless they were there and my horny ass never paid attention. I grew furious with myself, because I am not the one to break up a happy home or unhappy ones for that matter. Suddenly I heard a loud yawn and movement in the bed from Timothy rolling over. Continue reading “A Married Man? (Kayleigh)”


As I looked out the window of my 12 story high office at the cloudy skies preparing to let out a hell of a rain fall, I began to think. What would happen if I just left the office right now? I could cancel all of my meetings and reschedule. Or maybe John could take my place, he owes me a favor. I need to get out of this office. I swear it seems like I’ve managed to help everyone else’s sex life but my own! The last time I’ve had good, passionate, long-lasting sex was at least 5 years ago when Eddie and I divorced. Hell, towards the end of that it was already starting to weaken. Continue reading “Terisa”


As I finished applying the finishing touches of my makeup, a little blush to compliment my cheekbones, I gathered up the courage to hit the stage for the first time. Only a year ago I was living with my then boyfriend, Shawn, helping him maintain the trap and sellin bricks to help feed our family. We have a son together, a Junior, who I would protect with my whole life to make sure he didn’t go down the same path. Sadly, Shawn got caught up in Ohio for drug trafficking 3 years ago, leaving me to play both mommy and daddy to our little prince. I don’t know how it came down to this. Me a stripper? Continue reading “LeeAnne”


Is it so hard to be affectionate?! I mean damn Darnell acts as if he doesn’t remember how to touch me at all. Oh, sorry. Hi, my name is Rachel. Darnell is my husband (still questioning that) of 5 years. We got married when we were 26. Back when everything in our relationship was so fresh and new and we just knew that we were so in love. I’m not saying that the love is no longer there but, it just seems like since our careers took over our lives, we no longer have time for one another. Continue reading “Rachel”


It had been at least 6 months since I’d been on a decent date. I had tried a countless number of times to give these men a try, but it always backfires! My friends say that I’m too picky. But me, I think that I may have some sort of tattoo marked on my forehead that says “Assholes Welcome.” Even some of the sexiest, most successful brothas barely come around and if they do, it’s just the higher management at my job passing me compliments while walking by. I mean damn I’m not bad looking at all! Continue reading “Kayleigh “


“Hey Chas, when are you gonna come over and do that thing I like?” Tyrone hissed through the phone.

“When you want it?” I replied in my sexy tone.

Tyrone was one of my regulars. He always said that my voice was good enough to make a gay man cum in two seconds without hesitation or guilt. I didn’t think that my work tone was the best, but Tyrone always went the extra mile to make me feel special. Continue reading “Chasity”