Excuse Me, Is That My Husband? (Rachel)




“Darnell!?” I said in a loud whisper.

“Yes, that’s my little side piece for now. He’s so sexy and he’s a doctor,” she replied blushing.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. First of all, the feeling that was burning within my soul was actually true? That my man had been cheating on me for God knows how long. Secondly, that the woman I just came home with is the whore my husband has been sleeping with!

“So did you want me to leave?” I said curious as to why she had anyone coming over at all.

“Of course not! I was actually hoping you’d stay for a little two on one if you know what I mean?” No this heffa didn’t just assume that I was into her little freaky escapades and wanted me to tag along so they both could toy around with me. I needed to get the hell out of there and fast before I lost my temper. However, it wouldn’t be so bad to see what he does to try and wiesel his way out of this one. I figured I’d just play along until she opened the door and keep my cool even when he saw me.

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The Love Seed

Picture yourself picking fresh fruits and veggies from a garden that you carefully and patiently grew all on your own in your backyard. You’re proud at how far your garden has come along ranging in a variety of plants from onions and peppers, to tomatoes, potatoes, and peaches, strawberries, and all sorts of other fruits and vegetables. You’re missing one fruit in particular, and this is something that you’ve been craving for the past few days. You eat it all of the time with your sushi and salads. You also eat it with your omelets, and you make a mean guac with it as well. Continue reading “The Love Seed”

Hot ‘N’ Spicy

chili pepper

It’s a cold, winter night and you haven’t seen your love since he went off to the military almost a year ago. You decide to make him his favorite meal upon his arrival home. You head to the grocery store to purchase a few items, a bag of shrimp, a package of andouille sausage, a few herbs and spices, tomatoes, and finally, you decide to pick out a few chile peppers. Continue reading “Hot ‘N’ Spicy”

7 Tips on How to Improve Romance In Your Relationship



As love grows within your relationship, we sometimes focus on working to keep the elements of the relationship together such as, the finances, verbal communication, you know…the easy stuff right? But what about the romance?   Continue reading “7 Tips on How to Improve Romance In Your Relationship”

The Little Red Fruit

sexy strawberry

Soon, your love will be home from work and will be expecting his/her meal ready on the table once they walk in. It has been a long day of work for them and you want to do everything in your power to ensure that they feel welcomed home and nothing says “I’m so happy to see you” than a nice plate of hot food on the table and a delectable dessert. Continue reading “The Little Red Fruit”

A Married Man? (Kayleigh)

…A wedding ring!? “How could this be,” I asked myself. I didn’t see any family photos or photos with him and another woman! Unless they were there and my horny ass never paid attention. I grew furious with myself, because I am not the one to break up a happy home or unhappy ones for that matter. Suddenly I heard a loud yawn and movement in the bed from Timothy rolling over. Continue reading “A Married Man? (Kayleigh)”