Hot ‘N’ Spicy

chili pepper

It’s a cold, winter night and you haven’t seen your love since he went off to the military almost a year ago. You decide to make him his favorite meal upon his arrival home. You head to the grocery store to purchase a few items, a bag of shrimp, a package of andouille sausage, a few herbs and spices, tomatoes, and finally, you decide to pick out a few chile peppers.

Once you return home, you turn on the stereo and play a slow jam playlist you made back when the two of you first became a couple in high school. You turn on the front two burners on the stove and set a big pot of water on one and a smaller skillet on the other after first washing your hands. After cutting up the veggies and and sausage, you first add the sausage to the skillet and cook for a little while and then add in the veggies, all except the chile peppers. Stirring constantly, you add pasta to the big pot. Finally, you add in the chile peppers and cover the skillet and set to the side. In a separate skillet, you add butter, garlic, a dash of white wine, Italian seasoning, fresh lemon and black pepper and let it simmer. The raw shrimp is now added after first de-veining them and peeling off the shells. You constantly stir and reduce the heat to a simmer and finally add the mixture to the veggies. The pasta is just aldente and you remove it from the heat and cover it as well. You head up to the bathroom and shower, leaving your wet, curly hair to air dry. You then restart the water and prepare a bubble bath for the two of you to enjoy. While then sitting on the bed, you begin to put on the shea butter cream he loves to smell on you. After hearing your puppy barking at the sound of someone unlocking the door, you throw on your robe and proceed to walk down into your lover’s arms. He can’t help but notice the fresh scent of the shea butter he loves on your body and he begins to kiss all on your neck after sharing a long, passionate kiss. He hands you a bunch of roses and you gleam with lust and happiness. You put his coat into the closet and help him set his bags off to the side and then lead him into the dining room where you have the table set beautifully where there’s conveniently a naked vase for the roses he just handed you. You finally bring out the plates of pasta and you both dig in and enjoy the spicy cajun fiesta that is going on in your mouths. You’re both talking and catching up and lustfully looking into one another’s eyes as you are drinking your wine and you finally feed him a few chocolate covered strawberries. The heat from the pasta has the two of you getting hot and ready to peel off one another’s clothing and you do so. He picks you up, and carries you to the bedroom where the two of you make mad passionate love after so long of not seeing each other.



Chile peppers have a way with looks don’t you think? The daring red color and the curvy shape give the eye a pleasing sight when just merely looking at the spice. Chile peppers are considered an aphrodisiac for a few reasons. One reason being that they have the ability to release endorphins. Endorphins not only act as a pain killer, but give off a high feeling of physical exertion. This feeling can leave you feeling energized and become pleased by the spicy effect, so pleased that you may even get a tad addicted. It also increases your heart rate, getting you pumped for your night of passion. This is due to the increase of body temperature you will have experienced due to the small amount of pepper consumed. The heat jump starts the cardiovascular system. Therefore, your heart beats faster and your blood vessels begin to open, allowing more blood to flow through.

Each type of pepper may arouse you in a different way. The smokiness of the Chipotle pepper will give you the arousal feeling just by smelling it. The Habaneros give an extra kick to the heat and are to be consumed with caution. With Chile peppers, the veins should be removed if you desire to reduce the heat when cooking. The heat from the Chile pepper will have you wanting to peel off your clothes in no time. Plus, the spiciness of the pepper oddly makes your lips plumper. Now, you can kiss your lover with soft fuller lips

Lastly, Chile peppers improve the libido in females. Remember how I mentioned that endorphins regulate pain and pleasure?Spicy foods in general improve the female libido. Chile peppers promotes a healthy sex drive because it triggers your body to want more. An over- the-counter example of this is capsaicin. Consuming capsaicin can bring about a slight burning sensation in your nether regions. With males, the circulatory system is working at full force. This is because of the blood vessels widening, allowing more oxygenated blood to surf through veins and arteries.Spicy foods increase the male sex drive because they cause the cardiovascular system to respond and kick-start the dilation of blood vessels throughout the body. When men consume capsaicin, it boosts their testosterone levels and increases sex drive.

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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