The Little Red Fruit

sexy strawberry

Soon, your love will be home from work and will be expecting his/her meal ready on the table once they walk in. It has been a long day of work for them and you want to do everything in your power to ensure that they feel welcomed home and nothing says “I’m so happy to see you” than a nice plate of hot food on the table and a delectable dessert. You look in the fridge and spot the fresh strawberries that you purchased the other day and now they are really red and ripe, ready to be devoured with some whipped cream or perhaps some dark chocolate. You place a fair amount for the two of you to share in a bowl and heat up some dark chocolate with a splash of milk in a pot over the stove. He/she arrives and you welcome them with open arms and lead them to the dining room table where you’ve just placed the two plates. They are elated to see such a beautiful sight and begins to devour the food with no hesitation. You both finish your food, but uh, uh, uh that’s not it! You go into the refrigerator and grab the bowl of strawberries and pour the chocolate into a separate bowl. As if dinner didn’t already make the two of you full, you don’t care. You walk back into the dining room with both bowls in hand and set them on the table. You dip one strawberry in the chocolate and feed your baby. You dip another into the chocolate, but this time you remember there’s whipped cream in the fridge and go and grab that to top it off. Your lover lowly moans in awe of the combination of the food and how good you look in that two-piece lingerie set you decided to wear. You then take the half bitten strawberry and rub it against your nipples in order for them to suck up the juice. After doing so, he/she picks you up and whisks you away into the bedroom where the two of you make passionate love.




Ever wonder why strawberries are ALWAYS connected to sex? It may have something to do with its natural heart-shaped figure, or maybe since it is red, the color of love and passion. Well if you want to go waaaayyy back into time, we can start by mentioning that it is said that strawberries were served to newlyweds, in France, as a cold soup to help promote the sexual tension between the bride and groom for their honeymoon. This soup was made with thinned sour cream, powdered sugar, and strawberries. In the Roman era, it was considered the to be associated with the goddess, Venus, and often made offerings of the fruit at her temples. Did you know that strawberries are members of the rose family?

From a nutritional view, strawberries contain vitamin C which helps with the blood flow. It also keeps the heart healthy and the body’s immune system strong. Can you say stamina? It’s also rich in antioxidants that keep the body feeling and looking young. It is also said to promote the production of estrogen.

Many people already eat strawberries with whipped cream or with chocolate (a double aphrodisiac). What do you eat yours with when trying to set the mood???

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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