A Married Man? (Kayleigh)

…A wedding ring!? “How could this be,” I asked myself. I didn’t see any family photos or photos with him and another woman! Unless they were there and my horny ass never paid attention. I grew furious with myself, because I am not the one to break up a happy home or unhappy ones for that matter. Suddenly I heard a loud yawn and movement in the bed from Timothy rolling over.

“Kay, where’d you go,” he asked as he yawned again.

“In the bathroom. I’ll be right out,” I replied trying to carefully put the ring back where it was originally. Only my cautious attempt seemed to be anything but because forgetting my hands were still wet, I picked up the ring and dropped it down the damn drain. FUCK! What am I supposed to do?!

I paced back and forth in the restroom trying to figure out what the hell my next move was going to be. I finally thought to myself, fuck it. This son of a bitch lied to me and apparently his wife! Where is she as a matter of fact?  I finally opened the bathroom door and headed straight for my clothes.

“I have to go, Tim.”

“Wait, what why? Are you okay?” He asked trying to sound concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just don’t feel good right now. Maybe it was something I ate,” I said attempting to be funny and downplay his cooking.

“Oh man, I’m sorry. Did I make something that you’re allergic to? Is there anything I can do?”

I figured that maybe I should play nice and lead him on the way that he led me on. “No there isn’t. I’ll be fine. I have medicine at home that will help this stomach bug, but thanks. Thanks for everything,” I said as I approached him and went in for a kiss. He returned my gesture with his tongue and we kissed passionately. The way this man kissed was so divine. I pulled myself away and threw on my jacket.

“I have to go.”

“Will I see you again, Kay?”

I ignored his question and exited the room and made my way down the stairs. I quickly walked to my car not caring that my both bra straps were hanging down my arm. It was approximately 11 pm and I knew that I wasn’t ready to just end the night, so I called my girl Rachel up to hit up the little lesbian bar up the street from my apartment. There’s a chick named Dee that I’ve been flirting with ever since I first stepped foot in that club who seems to really like me. I always flirt with her because she loves to buy me drinks. Dee stood at about 5’9, which is still taller than me considering that I’m only a whopping 5’0 even. She’s mixed with Dominican and Jamaican and her hair is the most beautiful, full, thick, dark and silky hair I’ve ever seen. She gets compliments from all sorts of people at the bar and on her sexy deep dimples. She’s a little lighter than a caramel tone. She would sometimes dress as a tomboy and other nights she’d dress slightly girly. And by girly I mean, she may wear skinny jeans, a hint of the color pink or some other girly color, and some Sperry’s instead of her normal Jordan’s. I figured that tonight would be a good night for some good dancing and possibly a triple.

As soon as I got the okay from Rachel, I rushed on over to my apartment and got dressed. I no longer desired to wear heels or a dress for the evening. I showered and washed my hair in the shower and decided to wear my hair wet and curly. I threw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt (Dee always said she preferred me to wear relaxed-fitted clothing) and put on my zip-up hoodie and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

As I got dressed, I couldn’t help but to think of what had just happened. I really couldn’t believe I didn’t pay close attention. I never miss a beat when it comes to shit like this. I locked up the apartment and headed down the stairs to my car. I lived in the lofts in Downtown Atlanta and I loved the security and all, but one security guard in particular, Brandon, always felt the need to give my apartment extra security. Every time I arrived home on weekend evenings, he’d be sure to walk me to my door or if he was around as I was leaving out, he’d walk me to my car and tell me how beautiful I am and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he’s such a gentleman and all, but you have to admit that it is a little weird that he always happens to be around when I’m coming or going.

Brandon wasn’t a bad looking guy either, which I couldn’t understand why he was so pressed to get me when I’m pretty sure other women would practically throw themselves at him. He stood about 6’0, gorgeous brown skin, not a pimple or hair bump in sight. He kept his beard neatly groomed, and I don’t even like beards, but his was well tamed and shaped. I’ve never seen him outside of his security uniform, but whenever he wears short sleeves, I can see his muscles peek out. I’ve never asked him to take me on a date or pursued anything because I think it’s just a little creepy how he’s always around. However, he’s asked me out a few times before, but I’ve always politely declined by saying, “It’s just not the right time, B.” He always understood, though.

I made it to the bottom of the staircase and guess who was there at the end awaiting my arrival, you guessed it, Brandon.

“Can I ask you something, B?”

“Of course, what is it?” he replied sounding interested to know what my question was.

“How do you always know when I’m coming down the stairs or when I’m coming home? And why do you always insist on walking me to and from my car?”

“Okay well that was two questions,” he replied. We both laughed. “I don’t really know how my timing is always spot on, but I noticed that you leave on the weekend to go out around the same time every night and you arrive home about the same as well. I love to walk you because even though you always tell me it’s not the right time to go out, I still feel that the more I get to know you, the more I’m interested in being even just your friend and I like to make sure that my friend is protected. Plus, you always keep me laughing during the times we do actually talk which always make the shift a little better.”

“Wow I didn’t know you felt that way, B,” I replied shock as ever. Here I was thinking that he was a creep spying on me, and although it still sounds a little stalker-ish, I think it’s cute and sweet. This really showed Brandon in another light to me. I appreciated hearing that.

“Why are you shocked? You know how I feel about you girl,” he said jokingly. “Welp, here you are my lady. Now, please be careful tonight. Don’t drink and drive, don’t let anyone sneak something in ya drink, and please don’t go home with anyone that you don’t trust,” he said as his weekly ritual to me before letting me pull off.

“B, I am 32 years old. I know how to take care of myself. But thank you for the concern.”

“You know I have to make sure you be cautious. I wanna keep you around, especially for the day I can finally make you mine and you won’t even need to continue going out to these clubs.”

“Ha ha, okay, B. Later” I said while waving him goodbye. Before heading to the club, I needed something on my stomach. I stopped by my favorite Mexican spot Downtown, El Bajio, and opted for a chicken Chimichanga and Spanish rice. I love their Chimichangas because the tortilla is handmade with herbs tossed in the dough prior to flattening. The chicken is marinated overnight with a house salsa and other spices and herbs and broiled and then grilled. I swear every time I eat it, I feel an orgasm coming on! I devoured the meal and then proceeded on to the bar. I met up with My girl Rachel and we shared a couple of laughs and drinks. She completely ignored the fact up until her second drink that we were in a lesbian bar. I locked eyes with Dee who was standing across the room. I hadn’t been to the bar in a few weeks so it had been a while since I’d seen her last. Suddenly I got a text message to my phone. It was from Timothy asking if I had seen his ring that was left in the bathroom. I didn’t even reply. I ignored it and slid my phone back into my pocket and proceeded on over to Dee. She chose to dress girly tonight. She even let her long hair down and wore a pair of skinny jeans along with a lace camisole top and a jean jacket. She still sported a pair of tennis shoes, Chuck Taylors as well.

“Aye. Mami. I see that you decided to wear my shoes tonight” I said as I approached her.

“Yeah, yeah what’s up, Kay? I haven’t seen you in a while” she replied. It was kind of nice to hear that she was so concerned.

“I know, Dee. I’ve been so busy. You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had. First of all…”

“Babe, just chill. Calm down. You’re here with me now. You want me to buy you a drink?” I just like how she decided to shut me up. She was so sexy especially tonight. It had been a while since I had sex with a girl, but she was really tempting tonight. I messed around with a few girls in college and maybe once or twice since then. I was always more into guys and I knew that I ultimately wanted a man to spend my life with. Girls are just more fun and their pussy eating skills were obviously better. She headed over to the bar and I checked up on Rachel and started dancing on the dance floor with her. Dee finally came back with a double shot of Patron and we began dancing. My hips would grind up against her and I had noticed that Rachel was also grinding up on some girl. I was shocked because I knew that Rachel wasn’t really into females. However, it was good to see her smiling considering the fact that she’d been through a lot within her own relationship. As we danced and faced one another, my body began to get hot with passion. The drinks were taking over my body and I could feel my legs beginning to feel loose. I looked deeply into her dark brown, almond shaped eyes, forgetting that we were in a club full of people, I kissed her passionately and she returned my invitation. Her lips were as soft as rose petals and her mouth was so warm and inviting. As our tongues intertwined, she then tugged on my bottom lip, sucking gently. She then pulled back and whispered in my ear,

“Are you wanting to stay or were you ready to go home?”

” Yes,” I replied. “We can both go to my home.”

The look of shock came across her face, “Are you sure about this, Kay?” she asked with concern. “I know that we’ve always flirted, but never took it any further. I don’t want to take advantage of…”

I shut her up by placing my index finger over her soft, luscious lips. I then twirled a strand of her pretty long hair with my finger. “Shhh. I’m good. I’m ready. Let’s go.” I admired the fact that she wasn’t trying to be forward and took my feelings into consideration. To the bar, she rode with a few friends which worked out perfectly because since I had one too many drinks in my system, she was able to drive my car back to my place. I gave her my address and she put it in her GPS system. Luckily, I only lived a few blocks down and we pulled up within a matter of minutes.

“This is me,” I said pointing to the apartment slouched in my seat. I was totally drunk. I was surprised that she thought that I was still attractive. I opened my door and almost fell over because I was leaning on the door the whole ride home. I realized that I needed to straighten up or I wouldn’t be getting anything tonight. She got out on her side and allowed me to lead the way. I leaned her up against the car and gave her a kiss, but this time it was even more aggressive. She reached into my pants and tightly squeezed my ass. I ran my fingers through her hair and grinded my hips against hers. I opened my eyes as we kissed and saw Brandon riding through the parking lot in his security cart staring over at us. I motioned for him to come over. As he made his way over I looked Dee in her eyes and asked her if she’d ever been with a man before. She replied that she has and sometimes she’d dabble in the heterosexual pool and indulge.

“How about tonight?” I asked. She may have thought that the drinks were consuming my entire brain at this point, but to my surprise she replied,

“Let’s do it.”

Brandon approached the two of us. “Is everything okay ladies?” we both looked over to him and I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to my lips. We made out for a few seconds before I finally introduced him and Dee. “You both are some sexy ass women, I’ll tell ya.” Dee and I looked over at each other seductively and I lead the two of them up to my apartment.

Once I opened the door, I found myself kissing all over Brandon. I’m not sure where the passion for him came from, but it was surely making my panties wet. As I unbuckled his uniform pants, I could feel Dee from behind peeling off my jacket and unhooking my bra. Brandon squeezed both of my breasts before taking them into his mouth. I reached down Dee’s pants and fondled her pussy through her panties. I could feel the moistness of her pussy soaking through which instantly turned me on. Dee pulled Brandon’s pants completely down along with his boxers exposing his large and erect dick. Both Dee and I paused as we looked down to see what God has blessed this man with. His dick was beautiful and very large might I add. It was apparent that he kept the hairs around it trimmed because he was even groomed neatly down below. I tongued him down once again before ripping the rest of my clothes off and he proceeded to remove Dee’s clothing as well. I sat him on the couch and Dee and I kneeled before him and took his monster of a dick inside my watering mouth. I wasn’t sure how I managed to fit damn near the whole thing in my mouth without it coming out through my pussy, but I beasted this task. Maybe I was just that drunk.

Dee laid on her back beneath me and started tonguing down my pussy, slurping up every juicy that developed. I came once in her mouth, unable to withhold myself from the excitement. I finally popped my head up for air and began licking up and down his shaft while using my hand to rub the tip. I then made my way down to his balls and massaged them gently with my tongue. I watched as Brandon threw his head back in enjoyment. He stood me up and placed me on his dick in order to ride it. Dee stood up and Brandon motioned for her to climb on top of his face. I could hear Dee enjoying herself as she moaned while rocking her hips in a back and forth motion. Meanwhile, I continued to ride him like the pro I am, lifting my hips up and down. matching his rhythm. I then propped up and spun around to ride him backward without even fully lifting off his shaft. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the view of my round ample ass bouncing up and down and twirling on him. The three of us made love for the remainder of the night and even fell asleep with one another, me in Brandon’s arms and Dee in mine.

It was about 4 AM and I woke up from my sleep and carefully reached over for my phone which was laying on the nightstand next to Dee. I turned it on only to notice that I had ten missed calls in which 3 of them were from Rachel and seven were from Timothy, followed by five text messages from him asking me where his ring was. I’m surprised he didn’t just assume that he had lost it and why did he just assume that I had found it even though it wasn’t in a very secretive spot. I lifted up in the bed only to see blue and red lights flashing outside of my window. What the hell could be going on around here at this time of night, I wondered to myself. A few moments later a loud banging noise at my door appeared followed by an unfamiliar man’s voice.

“Police, open up!”

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and well...food. Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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