As I looked out the window of my 12 story high office at the cloudy skies preparing to let out a hell of a rain fall, I began to think. What would happen if I just left the office right now? I could cancel all of my meetings and reschedule. Or maybe John could take my place, he owes me a favor. I need to get out of this office. I swear it seems like I’ve managed to help everyone else’s sex life but my own! The last time I’ve had good, passionate, long-lasting sex was at least 5 years ago when Eddie and I divorced. Hell, towards the end of that it was already starting to weaken.

“Dr. Jones?…Dr. Jones!” Yelled my patient Will. Oh shit I forgot I was in a session for a moment.

“Yes?” I replied still trying to at least look like I was engaged.

“So what do you think I should do?” Fuck! What was he even talking about? Was I really that zoned out?

“I…think you should…just follow your gut feeling on this one, William. You’ve been dating Melissa for several months now and I’ve watched the two of you grow in love and make progress intimately. If you’ve done the things I’ve already instructed you to do like, using those magic balls during sex, sensual massages, and performed role play acts, then you both should be headed in the right direction. Has all of that been working?” I had hoped that this answered his question and that my little rant was enough to cover the bases because I was completely lost.

“Yes, they have and you’re right. I guess I’m just insecure because I know she had experience before me, but she’s my first.” I could hear the seriousness and cry for help in his voice. I felt rather bad that I wasn’t paying him any mind, but I am in need myself. How the hell can I be a damn sex therapist, but get no sex?!

“Well that’s fine and I’m sure she’s not thinking anything of it. You’ve just gotta stop beating yourself up about it and put all of that energy into your sex life and trust me everything will be fine.”

“You’re right, Dr. Jones”

There was a slight pause. “Well I guess this concludes today. Did you have anything else you wanted to get off of your chest, or did you have any questions?”

“Nope I think we’re good for today. Thanks again” he said as he smiled and rose from my lounge chair. We shook hands as he exited my office. I shut the door behind him and ran straight to my computer to check my calendar and make sure that there were no important meetings scheduled for the day with any possible contractors, realtors or clients. Though I work under a big time practice in Atlanta, I was working on starting my own. I am hoping to land this spacious rental office on Peachtree Ave. very soon.

“Elise, would you mind cancelling all of my appointments for the day, please?” I called to my assistant on my office phone.

“Are you sure you want to do that Dr. Jones, I believe you have a meeting with…”

“Bryson Reid.” I interrupted. “I know and it’s fine. Also, you can take the day off too.”

“Oh really? Why thanks!” Elisa said cheeefully. 

“Yes, there’s no need for you to be here if I’ll be gone.”

I gathered my purse and sunglasses, released my long, healthy thick hair from my ponytail, and headed towards the door. I rarely wear my hair down at work or anywhere else for that matter. It’s always in a ponytail or a bun. Elisa was already gone by the time I hit the door. Damn that girl moves fast, I’d thought to myself. Bag in hand, shades on face, I strutted to the elevator and placed my finger on my favorite floor number to hit at the end of the work day, the garage. Once I landed to the garage, I threw my briefcase to the back of my Jaguar, and pulled off into the streets of Atlanta. What shall I do next, was my first question. I popped over to my favorite little coffee shop two blocks down and sat in while reading a new book that I was dying to get into. Wow, this is how old I’ve become. I’m only 35 and I take off work early with a full weekend ahead of me just to sit in a coffee shop to read a damn book. I was so disgusted with myself.

I finished up my last bit of coffee and gathered my belongings. “What shall I get into today” I thought to myself. It was only 11 AM and I had the whole day ahead of me. I thought I’d call some friends and try to kick it, but they were all at work. My daughter, Kelsy, was still in school. Eddie and I had her during our marriage. She is my world. It was Eddie’s turn to pick her up this week anyway. From her sassiness all the way down to her unique and vibrant style, she is her mother’s child. Eddie went on to remarry. He married the Scallywag that basically broke up our marriage. The bitch went to high school with us and ever since then I knew she wanted my man. I hope she knows that the same way she got him is how she’ll lose him. Well, she got him and she can keep his sorry, cheating ass for all I care. From what I heard, they recently moved to a big, beautiful home, but I have yet to see it due to my countless number of working hours. He usually picks up our daughter for his weekends. As long as his responsibilities are taken care of with his child, I’m cool with that.

As I headed for the door I locked eyes with this fine piece of eye candy. He was tall, about 6’0, with hazel eyes, caramel skin, and he dressed very spiffy I must say. He looked as if he was on his way or leaving from an office setting, meaning he looks like a business man. He wore a light blue button up dress shirt with Ralph Lauren cuff links, black slacks and a nice pair of black dress shoes. Brotha was fine. He was about to enter the coffee shop as I was leaving. He held the door open for me, but stopped me as I was walking through the second set of doors.

“Excuse me, Miss. I feel like I may know you from somewhere. Do you by chance work for the practice on the twelfth floor at the Wilson building?”

“Yes, I do. Do you work there as well?”

“Yes, I’m actually a few floors beneath you, on the seventh. I’m Keith. I’m a lawyer for Stanley and Associates.” Hmm handsome and smart?

“Oh wow, I’m surprise I haven’t met you. I have friends that work for them and I’ve been to a few of their holiday parties. My name is Terisa” I replied extending my hand out for a handshake. He returned the gesture with his extended hand.

“Yeah, I haven’t recently gone to an event, but I know I remember seeing you once before when I went up there to catch up with a friend. I noticed how gorgeous you were then and regretted that I didn’t get the chance to speak.” Mmm he wanted to speak to lil ol me? I’m flattered, I thought.

“Well here I am now. I’m flattered.”

“I’m afraid I must go, but if it’s no trouble at all, could I maybe have your business card, and maybe I can take you out to dinner later on if you’re not busy?”

“It’s no trouble at all, and sure, I’m always up for some good food and good company” I replied while eyeing him seductively. I reached in my purse and grabbed a business card out. I handed it to him and proceeded to my car.

I continued on with my day doing things I normally don’t have the chance to do. I went shopping at the outlet and stopped by my favorite eatery, Jazz’s Grill. I ordered my favorite dish; smoked turkey breast smothered in gravy; garlic buttered mashed potatoes; Caesar salad with handmade Italian croutons and a house made lemon Caesar dressing. I love food so much and I love to cook as well. It’s a shame I don’t have a man to share it with any longer. As I finished my last few bites of food, I looked over to the order pick up area and to my surprise, I saw Keith. He paid for his order and grabbed his bag of food. As he turned around to head for the door he spotted me and waved. I was hoping that he wouldn’t see me stuffing my face, but he did. He walked over to me.

“Twice in a day huh? How did I get so lucky” he said as he approached my table.

“Right,” I giggled. “You’re very lucky because I don’t even make an outside appearance often.”

“Oh is that right? And why is that?”

“I’m always busy, between work, my daughter and the rest of my family. I don’t really have time to enjoy myself.”

“Oh you have a daughter?” Uh Oh, is this a deal breaker, I thought? Well he’ll just have to pass me up I guess.

“Yes, I do. Is that a problem?”

“Of course not, I have a 9 year old son. How old is your daughter?” I told him my daughter’s age and we continued our discussion. He mentioned how long he’s worked for the firm and how he’s been divorced from his wife for 3 years. He’s 37 and he still works out at the gym heavily and finds time to play basketball with his home boys late in the day. Meanwhile, I still have a gym pass that I haven’t used since I bought it a year ago. He even suggested working out together and how he’d help me and show me a few exercises. We even touched on some of our sexual preferences. Nothing too much, but enough for him to ask me if I’ve ever been to a private party. I asked him to explain, but he wouldn’t. Apparently it’s very secretive and only few are invited, and there’s a password involved to get in and all.

“Let me give you this.” He handed me a piece of paper with an address on it and a password.

“What is this” I asked in confusion.

“You should go there tonight around 11.”

“Oh, what happened to dinner” I asked.

“Trust me, you’ll like this even better. And use the password that’s on the bottom of that sheet.”

“Okay, we’ll see.” I said in order to not make it seem as if I was anxious to go, even though I was.

“Alright, well I’ll see you tonight, Beautiful” he said as he walked toward the door.

I stood up and gathered my belongings. I left the bill money and tip for the waiter on the table. I didn’t even ask him what I should wear and I didn’t have his number to ask because I had given him my number earlier that day.
I tried on a countless number of outfits. I didn’t know if the occasion was party, classy or what. I finally settled on a royal blue, form fitting dress where if I bent over, you just may get a peak of something you should normally pay to see. The color of the dress complimented my olive skin tone and sandy brown hair. While trying on the different outfits, I left my hair in big rollers. I applied my makeup and dug up my favorite old pair of black thigh high boots. I let my long, wavy hair hang down my back. I headed for the door with my black clutch in hand, unprepared for what was to come before me.
I put the address in my GPS and it was only 5 miles away. Once I pulled up, I saw that it was just a house and not a club it looked as if no one was there because there were no cars. The neighborhood looked like a well maintained suburb and I was afraid that someone (mostly likely a white person) would come out to spy on my suspicious car driving up and down the road in search of the party. A man in all black frightened me as he approached the passenger window of my car.

“Are you looking for the ‘The Spot’?”

“Um, I think so.”

“Well follow me” he said while walking the opposite direction of my car. Lord, what was I getting myself into?

I followed him to an area about a block up from the address I had. Apparently, this is where the parking was for the “party.” I got out of my car and there stood the man.

“That’ll be $10 ma’am.” What the hell!? I have to pay for parking too? It’s not enough that I have to walk all the way back in heels. I reached in my purse for the $10. Before handing it to him I asked, “now is this even worth it?”

“Do you like experimenting” he replied.

“Well, it depends. What will I be experimenting” I asked.

“That’s for you to see. I can tell you’re gonna enjoy it a lot.” I handed him the 10 and proceeded to walk back to the house.

“Walk to the back of the building” the man said to me.

I knocked on the back door of the house. A peep hole slid open as a big, dark man peeked out.

“What’s the code” he asked.

“Climax.” He hesitated for a minute, then let me in. He gave me a wrist band and offered me a box with a selection of “goodies” in it. I could tell that it was ecstasy, Molly, and a weed kit. I chose the weed kit. It included a bowl and a nice size bud of weed. The man along with him was very talk, chocolate, with a short cut. He wore a muscular short sleeved shirt that exposed his big muscles. My panties got wet just looking at him. They were obviously the bouncers. I turned to walk toward the party.

“Damn, if someone don’t handle that tonight I might just have to make a move” I could hear the tall one say. I just kept moving toward the party.

As I entered, I noticed that the house looked even bigger on the inside. The ceilings were huge and the chandelier, from what I could see in the dark, was magnificent. I noticed the mixed group of people. There were people in threes (two girls and one guy, two guys and a girl) sitting on couches touching and making out. I even saw lesbians and a few gay guys as well fondling one another through each other’s clothes and seductively eyeing one another. I kind of got turned on while being in the midst of the steamy sexual passion. The house was dark and smoky from the weed and incense that burned. I sat on the nearest couch in order to finally set up my bowl and indulge. As I took a hit, a sexy woman, about 5’0 approached me with a tray of tube shots. She held them out for me to choose which one I wanted. I chose the red one and she placed it between her nicely round, large breasts for me to take my shot out of. I have never come within 2 feet of another woman’s breasts before, but I wasted no time in devouring my shot from her breasts.

I had been there for nearly 10 minutes and still saw no sign of Keith. Did he stand me up? Suddenly I felt a pair of manly, strong hands massage my shoulders. I turned around expecting to see Keith, but it was one of the shirtless masseuses that were walking around giving out free massages. There were also woman masseuses as well. I let him continue to massage me as I began to feel lifted from the earthly vitamin I had just consumed. Once he finished I looked up to discover Keith.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself huh” he said jokingly.

“I actually am. This is…different. But in a good way” I mentioned.

“Well good. I want to show you around.”

I got up and walked alongside him as he showed me the different sections of the house/party. We witnessed orgies, threesomes, she-male sex, lesbians, you name it. However, we couldn’t go to the third level. He wouldn’t tell me why.

“How did you find out about this place?”  I asked him wondering if he’d reveal this secret.

“Well a friend of mine who owns this house, started this and I’ve been coming here for the past few months. He started it about 7 months ago and I also helped him launch it.”

“So what is the purpose of it” I asked with great curiosity. I couldn’t understand why everyone was so free and available for each other. Now, I know I’m a sex therapist and all, but this is another level of freaky shit I hadn’t experienced for myself, although I’ve heard of it.

“Well some people who are married like to experience with others, whether both partners in the marriage want to invite someone in, or each partner would like to venture out. It’s a completely judge free zone and everyone here is just looking for a good time.”

“Oh, I see. So, it’s a bunch of swingers?”

“I guess if you had to put a label on it then yes but we don’t use labels…are you uncomfortable?”

“No, I’m fine. Just asking about what I’m getting myself into, that’s all.”

“Follow me” he said as he walked up the stairs to the second floor. We walked through a path of people who looked to be high as a kite and seemed so free. I saw two girls making out as we passed and one was fiddling with the other’s nipple. That turned me on. The house was huge. I could have sworn that there were at least 20 rooms in this mansion. We went to the other side of the home where there was an elevator door. He pressed the up arrow.

“I thought we couldn’t go up any further” I said.

“Rules are meant to be broken sometimes” he replied. “Plus I don’t want to share you” he said while looking deeply into my eyes. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”

“This is rather interesting I must say.” His almond shaped hazel eyes stared into mine as he leaned in for a kiss. His lips were moist and soft and he was a great kisser. He grabbed my ass and pulled me in closer as he whispered,

“I forgot to tell you how sexy you looked tonight.” My knees weakened as he began to kiss on my neck. The elevator finally came up and we remained kissing as we got on. The doors closed behind us. The sexual tension between us grew and things began to get even hotter. My panties grew wetter and the weed and alcohol mixture helped take the experience even higher. He pulled my panties off and unbuttoned his shirt. What did I get myself into tonight, was all I could think as he lifted the bottom of my dress right above my ass. He layed me on the floor of the elevator which still hadn’t moved because we didn’t choose a floor. He sucked on my thighs vigorously and they turned into gentle kisses as he got closer to my wet canal. He kissed the top of my clit and I clinched. The feeling felt amazing as if I had just had my pussy eaten for the first time. I grinded my hips and lifted my bottom to give him easy access. He slurped every juice that I created and I moaned. While slurping my pussy juices, he inserted 2 fingers and curled them to hit my G-spot. My moans grew even louder. He turned me over as he removed his pants and boxers. His dick was hard as a rock, and pretty long too, about 9 inches. I was not prepared because as I’ve said before, it’s been a while. It was already wrapped and he tapped it on the top of my ass.

“You ready,” he asked as I turned to face him.

“Please be gentle with me, it’s been a while,” I replied.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’m gonna take care of you.”

He slowly entered my pussy from behind and continued to fuck me. I felt every inch of his dick once he loosened me up a bit. The feeling was exhilarating. I moaned the loudest I’d moaned in my life. With each strong thrust, I pleasurably gave it back. His dick and my pussy made a connection like no other. They sung together in harmony creating beautiful sounds of passion and wet bliss. He continued to pound my pussy as I screamed out the tune of “Oh my God” and “Fuck me” all in the same breath. We were probably going to go to Hell after the night was over. Suddenly the elevator car shifted up to the next floor. He hadn’t hit the button to go to floor 3 as of yet, therefore I assumed that someone from the third floor was trying to go down. As the elevator doors opened, the first peak I got were of little pink bunny slippers. Hmm those look familiar, I thought to myself. I continued up the little girl’s body to notice her wearing a familiar light blue onesie, with long ponytails decorated in purple and pink hair balls, similar to my baby girl’s.

“Mommy is that you?”

With a look upon my face as if I’d seen a ghost, I replied, “Kelsy!?”

(To be continued…)

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and well...food. Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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  1. Wow!!!
    That’s all I can say right now! Girl, you are super talented and this is my kind of thing! I’m looking forward to reading more! Love everything about this story and site altogether! ❤️


  2. This is one I was looking for. I started reading it then lost it. Thank you for updating the website. It is so much easier to find the characters. Love it.

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