As I finished applying the finishing touches of my makeup, a little blush to compliment my cheekbones, I gathered up the courage to hit the stage for the first time. Only a year ago I was living with my then boyfriend, Shawn, helping him maintain the trap and sellin bricks to help feed our family. We have a son together, a Junior, who I would protect with my whole life to make sure he didn’t go down the same path. Sadly, Shawn got caught up in Ohio for drug trafficking 3 years ago, leaving me to play both mommy and daddy to our little prince. I don’t know how it came down to this. Me a stripper? I tried to carry on the trap Queen title for as long as I could, but I couldn’t keep bringing that kind of traffic in and out of the house around my baby nor could I keep up with the demand of the business.

“And next up we have the beautiful, the sexy, Miss Fine China!”

And I was up. I guzzled down every last bit of the coke and Henny that was left in my glass and I hurriedly put on my see-through mesh cover up over my two piece pink sequins lingerie piece. I wore six inch silver stiletto heels with my freshly polished pink toes out. I quickly walked up the stairs and once I got to the stage I slowly made my entrance as the lights dimmed low. I’ve been used to doing lap dances for about 5 months straight now, but this was my first actual stage performance. I stood at the pole as darkness surrounded the club until the song “Sex Room” by Trey Songz and Ludacris blared across the speakers.

🎵Welcome to my sex room🎵

The spotlight flashed over me as I slowly swayed my hips back and forth seductively rubbing my hands across my body. I sashayed to the front of the pole and slowly untied my cover up letting it fall to the ground to reveal my pink set. I grabbed the pole with both hands and slowly grinded to the rhythm of the song. Good thing I practiced this routine a million times because my next trick would be sure to get me a huge amount of cash. I slowly reached behind my neck to untie the strings of the bikini lingerie top and let it fall beneath my breasts. I then untied the second set of strings and tossed the top on to the floor. I took a string from each of the sides of my thong and pulled them. My panties fell to the ground and I returned to the pole. Carl, one of my most loyal and well paying customers sat front and center with his ones in hand ready to throw at my feet. Carl wasn’t the best looking patron in the audience. He wore these large pair of prescription glasses, some type of khaki colored pants and a variety of button up shirts. I think I even saw this nigga wearing penny loafers. His wide hips took up what little room he may have had in those tight ass pants he’d wear and he may have been a beer away from being considered to have a beer belly, which his button up shirts struggled to wrap around. Carl always appreciated my pretty face over my curvy hips, tall and smooth legs, plump bottom and medium sized breasts. He loved the fact that my body was unlike the other dancers. It was all natural. A few of my coworkers even went as far as bleaching their skin to look lighter, but I fell in love with my chocolate brown skin ever since I was a child.

My mother taught me to value and take pride in being darker toned, because it was a privilege. I often asked why she thought so since she was a lighter skinned woman, but she said that melanin is sun kissed by God and only few have the priviledge of such honor. I thought she was being extra and trying to geek my head up when she would tell me that she wished that she was darker too.

As I climbed higher up the pole, more dollars flew. Once I reached the top, I didn’t stop there. I hooked my legs around the steel bars on the ceiling in order to swing down from it. There were cheers all around and more money being thrown. I returned to the pole and spiraled downward still upside down and while rubbing my pussy for show. I believe that Carl was the drunkest he had ever been that night. Toward the end of my dance, the bouncer had to escort him out because he’d tried to jump on stage with me. I just kept dancing though. Letting every bit of the alcohol I had just consumed before hitting the stage take control of me. I finished up with a last climb to the top of the pole and slithered down slowly with my legs out straight in the form of the splits and landed perfectly in the same position. Once the song ended I exited the stage while the stage crew gathered up the cash I made and the remaining pieces of my outfit. I was elated to hear the mixed crowd of people cheering my performance on.

Night one complete. Hopefully now I’ll have enough to pay off my classes, I thought to myself. I was a senior in college with only 15 credits left to graduate, but $20,000 in the whole with my payments. My student loan money was used up from slacking off in school previous years and now that I’m serious of course my finances wanted to fall apart. I took stripping seriously so that the money flow could help pay for college and feed my son. I had to graduate, it was my mom’s last dying wish and the only answer to get my son out of the hood…

The next day, my home girl, Brittany was in town. Like me, Brittany was a senior in college, except she moved up east and went to Howard. I was saddened when we parted after high school and I remained here in Atlanta and went to Clark State. It amazes me how much we’ve remained close over the years through FaceTime, social media, and of course the holiday visits she made, along with some summers when she had time off from work. Growing up, Brittany was always the pretty light skinned chick, the goodie two shoes who never got into trouble, and I was her dark sidekick. I always rolled with the punches in high school and shot back at any rude comments made to me about my skin tone. That is one thing about me, I am thick skinned. However, Brittany was always there for me. She was a comforter and a motivator. “Don’t let them sweat you girl” she’d always say to me. “You’re no less beautiful than me. I always got your back.” Those words would forever be part of our friendship. I got a call from Brittany asking if we could move our lunch date an hour later. Luckily, Junior was staying over his grandma’s house on his father’s side for the weekend. I agreed to the pushback and continued catching up on my favorite reality shows. I should have been doing homework, but my brain was on overload from class earlier this morning. I’m in school for nursing, and my anatomy teacher is always on my ass about everything. I can never catch a break! I will admit that I do come to class tired, but I don’t fall asleep. I turn in all of my work and I’ve even tried to explain my situation to him, but he just doesn’t budge.

Forty-five minutes passed and I left for the lunch date. We met up at my favorite restaurant, Zaxby’s, a nice little health freak restaurant with amazing teas. I arrived first since I only lived about 5 minutes away and I reserved and sat at our table outside on the patio. Brittany accompanied me a few minutes later.

“Hey boo!” she excitedly yelled as she crept up from behind me and reached out for a hug.

“Oh my gosh! Hey Brit!!! Oh my, you’ve slimmed down!” I said referring to her sudden weight loss. Brittany wasn’t huge or anything, but she did have a lil meat on her bones. I hadn’t seen her face to face in a little over a year, and she never mentioned her weight loss journey over the phone with me.

“Hey! What can I say? I had to get some of that shit off! I knew it was time to lose weight the day I found myself out of breath from just eating. Now you know there’s something not right about that!” She said while laughing. “How’s it here at home? I miss you so much! How’s school?…Wait where’s my Godbaby?!” She asked curious on where Junior was.

“He’s fine. He’s been over his grandma’s house for the weekend. Atlanta is Atlanta, school is school and I miss you so much too! How are things going with you?” I asked rushing on the conversation. I was trying to avoid telling her that I was a stripper. You see, Britt has always had it going on for herself. Ivy League school, soon to be successful career and even her boyfriend has his shit together just like her from what I hear. I had never seen or met him, but from what she’s told me about him, He was the perfect guy. I couldn’t possibly let her down or allow the judgement to tremble from her lips.

“I see that it’s still the same. It is a great place to be. I miss home. But I have been fine. As you know I graduate this coming May and I’m still searching for a job. I was thinking of moving back home for the summer to get back on my feet for now. Where are you currently working?”

I almost choked on the sip of water I still had in my mouth. I was hoping the conversation wouldn’t even come up. I had to quickly think of something to deviate her from the question.

“Girl where’s Bryan?” I asked hoping she’d dwell on that conversation for a minute until I could come up with a lie.

“Oh we broke up about a month ago. I caught him cheating with this…Nevermind I won’t give it anymore energy than what I have already. I just know I’ve missed you and my family.”

“I missed you too, Britt. So what’s the plan for this beautiful day?”

“Girl let’s find the nearest pool or somethin’. It’s hot as hell out here!” We finally ordered and ate. We decided to head to my apartment to jump in the pool and catch up. Britt’s body was bangin’. Her hips were full and so was her ass. She kept her long, thick, beautiful, black hair maintained with streaks of blonde. Her face has never had a pimple in site and her skin is smooth as silk and a caramel complexion. I always envied how perfect and white her teeth are, giving her a smile that would brighten the earth. She wore a one piece bathing suit that exposed her back and cut out the sides. She swam flawlessly back and forth in the pool.

“You still swim like a pro, Girl!” I said as she pulled herself out of the pool.

“Yeah, you know me. I love the water.” Her phone rang and she grabbed it and looked at it in what looked like confusion and disappointment.

“I’ll be right back. I gotta take this” she said as she headed for the pool house. Maybe it was her ex, Bryan. I watched her as she frantically paced back and forth talking on the phone. When she returned she seemed very rushed.

“I gotta go girl. We’ll have to do this another time” she said in a shaky and frightening voice.

“Why we were just getting started! Is everything alright?”

“Yeah. Everything’s good. Family stuff.” I could tell that she was lying.

“No, Britt I know you too well and you know that we are too close for you to just lie to me. What is going on!?”

She paused for a minute while looking at me with a concerned look.

“Girl, I’m too deep in this shit! If I don’t come up with 15Gs I’m fucked!”

“What are you talking about? 15 Gs for what?”

“Well, Bryan wasn’t really my boyfriend. We started off great and then things took a turn for the worst 6 months in. He turned out to be a pimp. I needed money at the time and he put me on. Now I owe him some money because I quit and owed him for back pay and loans and I don’t know how I’m going to come up with that kind of cash and my little petty ass job doesn’t pay me much. My credit is so fucked that I can’t even think about a loan and…”

“Wait,wait, slow down. Maybe I can help. I’ve been working at the strip club for the past year and I make plenty in one night. I can spare you Brit but I’ll definitely need the money back. You can just pay me in small increments starting off.” She looked at me tearful and bursted into a full blown sob while attacking me with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you so much Lee! I don’t know how to even thank you enough! I came back down here to possibly lose him, but he had me followed. That’s who was on the phone. He said he didn’t know why I thought I could get away with his money and if I didn’t pay him by next week, he’d kill me. I don’t know what the hell I got myself into.”

“Well now you can tell him you’ve got the money and to fuck off” I replied. “So when were you going to tell me about your ‘job’?”

“I wasn’t. I didn’t need anymore judgment than from what I’ve given myself.”

“I would never judge you. You’re my best friend, my damn sister! But I can’t lie, I wasn’t planning on telling you that I stripped either.”

“I wouldn’t have judged you either, Lee. I love you and I consider us to be close like sisters as well.”

We gave each other a hug and proceeded to pack our belongings and head for my apartment. I had ordered a pizza and we prepared for a girls night at home and watch movies like the high school days.

“Shit! I forgot to grab the ice cream” I yelled in irritation. “I’m going to go to the store and grab some right quick. Any specific flavor you want” I asked.

“Just get me Blue Moo”

I left to go to the convenience store around the corner before they closed. I darted to the frozen food aisle and searched for the right flavors. Beside me, was a handsome male, about 6’0, smooth chocolate skin, a neatly groomed go tee, and his eyes were light brown. He looked over to me and caught me while I was checking him out.

“Hi, my name is Eric” he said in a deep, sexy tone. I was still a little speechless and ignored his extended hand and obvious sign for a reply. Finally I snapped out of it.

“Hello, I’m LeeAnn.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you LeeAnn. That’s a beautiful name. It’s perfect for a beauty like you. What are you doing out here so late without your man making sure you’re safe?” He was so damn fine. And corny too.

“I don’t have one and I must say that I’m not looking.”

“Oh you’re not eh? I can understand that, but I don’t see why you’re single. You’re very beautiful I must say.”

“I’m single because I want to be honestly. Can’t nobody just swoop me off my feet if I’m not wanting all of that” I said while returning to my search for ice cream.

“I feel that, sweetheart. I just wanted to introduce myself because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet such a fine thing like yourself. I just wanted to…”

“Look, I appreciate the compliment, but honestly, you’ve gotta come better than that. Now, my friend is waiting on me and I have a date with her and an extra large pizza, so good night sir.” I grabbed my ice cream and turned towards the counter and started walking. He grabbed my wrist tightly and moved in closer behind me and whispered,

“I know who the fuck you are and I want you to tell that bitch that B want his money. Or that nice little date you got with her will be your last. You understand me?” My eyes opened widely and as he spoke, rage grew within me and I turned around to face him.

“Look here, you can tell that Son of a bitch she ain’t hidin! And I’m right here too. We got his money and I want you and whoever the fuck else you got down here keeping tabs on her, to fuck off!…ha, and I actually thought your trifling ass was kind of cute. You sorry ass errand boy.”

I proceeded to checkout and grabbed my bag of ice cream. For some odd reason, the passion for that son of a bitch got a little hotter and I was somehow aroused after he just threatened to kill my best friend. I had him follow me to the crib, but made him stand outside in the hallway. I ran into my apartment and shoved the ice cream in the freezer while still in the paper bag.

“What’s going on? What are you storming in here in a rush” Brittany asked.

“Not now Britt, I’m focusing” I said as I was trying to remember the code on my safe. I managed to save up 30K for school, but the well being of my friend was so much more important than that. I can always make the money back, but I can never get her back.

“Wow what the fuck, Lee you’re making cash like that in the clubs?” She asked as I finally opened the door. I handed her 15 bundles of cash in rubber bands.

“Hold this for me” I said as I locked the safe back up. I grabbed the cash back from her and headed to the door. Eric was standing up against the wall posted and shit.

“Take this shit and don’t ever come back around here again! Leave us alone” I yelled at him.

“Oh my gosh, Eric? How did you find me? Why would Bryan threaten me like that? He knew that I loved him and I would give him the money back” Brittany cried. I held her and rubbed her back in order to soothe her.

“Look, all is done now. I’ll go and give this to Bryan and y’all won’t have to worry about me again or Bryan.

He turned to head for the stairs. I yelled out to him. “Eric!” I stepped out and ran after him down the hall. What was I doing?

“What’s up?”

“You know that’s pretty fucked up for you to stop me at the store and scare me like that. You really had me thinking you were into me.”

“I’m just here to do a job. I’m sorry you had to be in the middle of that shit, but it is what it is. You know how the game goes. I really do think you cute and shit, though” I still had the hots for this dude. Why? When he literally just threatened my life and the life of my friend’s less than 30 minutes ago?  I knew that he wasn’t really like that, a murderer that is. I just needed to figure him out.

“I see. Would you like some pizza? It’s a long way back to D.C and I know you don’t want to go on an empty stomach.”

“What would your friend say” he asked while smiling.

“Oh she’ll be cool with it. This is my place not hers. Plus she owes me.” I don’t know if it was the near-death experience or just his damn looks, but I was just so turned on.

“Well alright. I guess I could eat.”

We walked back into the apartment. This heffa was sleep. I made he and I a plate and we headed to my room to watch T.V. In order to not disturb Brittany. We found a comedy and laughed so hard while also trying to keep it down and chatted as well. He mentioned how he got into the game and how he so desperately wanted to get out and start over, but he too was very deep in the game and couldn’t just get out. He also mentioned how the money was fast and he needed it to feed his daughter, and how being “security” wasn’t his intentions, only selling dope. I also confessed my occupation and how I, too needed the fast money, but for school.

“Damn you’re too beautiful to be out there on the stage. I feel like you need to be in someone’s magazine or runway. I know if you were my girl, you’d never wrap one leg around anyone’s pole.” This corny line was actually very sweet.

“Well too bad I’m not and too bad you’re in the situation you’re in as well. I guess we’re both fucked up” I said while looking deeply into his beautiful light brown eyes.

“I guess so” he said returning the look. There was a pause. He leaned toward me and planted his soft, full lips on mine. He sucked on the bottom of my lip, tugging it gently, and entered his tongue in order to intertwine it with mine.

He placed his hands on the small of my back and caressed me while strategically raising my shirt above my head and unhooking my bra. I lifted his shirt above his head and caressed his chest as we continued to make out. I stood up and allowed him to unbotton my jeans as I unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. He pulled down my pants and then followed with his mouth kissing on my inner thighs. I could feel the wetness building up in my panties. He then grabbed them with his teeth and pulled them down slowly.

I lowered my body back on to the bed, still sitting up. He rubbed my right foot gently and pulled it up closer to his face. He placed my large toe in his mouth and sucked on it slowly and moved on to each toe thereafter. I had never had someone suck on my toes before, but it damn sure felt good. I moaned in enjoyment and he gently place my foot back on the ground as both hands reached for my breasts. He softly pinched my nipples and rubbed them between his forefingers and thumbs. I moaned a little louder as my legs grew further apart. His tongue licked between the crease of my thigh and vaginal area. I’m pretty sure there was no possible way I could have gotten any wetter. He looked up at me.

“May I taste it?” I looked at him as if he were crazy to even ask.

“Hell yeah” I replied while throwing my head back. He licked the juices around my clit before finally sucking on it. I couldn’t hold in my moans any longer so I let them out even louder. It was already too late anyway because I spotted Britt at the door eyeing us while rubbing on her nipples through her shirt and biting her lip. I motioned for her to come sit next to me and she did so while grabbing my left breast and placing it in her mouth. All of these years we’ve been friends and I never imagined us together in a threesome. Although I thought my friend was sexy, I never thought to take it pass a friendly level. Having my pussy eaten by a hood nigga who nearly killed me and my best friend, and having my nipples sucked on at the same time was invigorating.

I pulled Brittany’s Head closer and planted a kiss on her lips and tongued her down as Eric continued to tongue down my pussy. Britt’s panties were already off so I leaned back and invited her to sit on my face. She moaned as I fiddled with her nipples and she threw her head back and started riding my face. Eric rose up and rubbed his dick on my soaking pussy.

“Let me taste her off of you” Brittany said while getting up. She began sucking his dick while I lowered myself to lick his balls. Eric threw his head back in enjoyment and ran his fingers through the both of our heads.

“I want you to fuck her” I said to Eric.

Brittany turned over and tooted her ass up and he began to slowly fuck her. She was so wet that you could hear the juices smacking. She began moaning and eating my pussy as he fucked her from behind. Soon after, I began riding him as she sat on his face. We continued our sex-capade until he came on my ass.

The next morning I woke up still feeling love drunk from the night before. I rose up out of the bed to use the bathroom. After doing so, I noticed that neither Britt nor Eric was in the room. Next to the bed I saw that the safe appeared to be broken into and the remaining 15K was missing, my jewelry box was empty and the contents of my purse was spilled onto the floor. This bitch watched me as I opened my safe and robbed me along with that sorry ass nigga. A note was left beside the bed as it read,

Hey Lee,

I’m so sorry…(To be continued)

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and well...food. Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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