Is it so hard to be affectionate?! I mean damn Darnell acts as if he doesn’t remember how to touch me at all. Oh, sorry. Hi, my name is Rachel. Darnell is my husband (still questioning that) of 5 years. We got married when we were 26. Back when everything in our relationship was so fresh and new and we just knew that we were so in love. I’m not saying that the love is no longer there but, it just seems like since our careers took over our lives, we no longer have time for one another. With all of the cases that I’ve been working causing me to have late nights and early mornings, and the fact that the hospital demands him to be on call at all times, we don’t have much of a romantic life. I’m a lawyer and Darnell is an ER surgeon. We have no kids thankfully, seeing how we barely even have time for one another. I’m not complaining about my marriage, but I am saying that there needs to be improvement and fast! We barely make love anymore unless you count the failed attempts of “hot passionate” quickies we tend to sometimes fit in between our schedules. I can’t remember the last time he’s actually caressed my body, gave me one of those massages I used to love, or simply kiss me from head to toe ever so gently. He just manages to ram his dick inside of me for maybe about 2 minutes (if that) and rushes to the hospital if he gets a page. I’ve tried to explain this to him, but nothing’s changed. AT ALL! I’d like to think he at least pretends to care, but what use is that? I can’t put the blame all on him considering the fact that I finally got the case of a lifetime and I have been putting in extra long hours at the firm… Well I at least got the case I’ve been dreaming of, but I haven’t necessarily been submitting my whole life to it. Not until about a month ago…

It was a Friday evening and it was our 5th year anniversary (it’s very rare that he remembers significant dates ahead of time anymore). I did, and I had planned the perfect night for us for when we each got off of work. This was to be our night to fully enjoy one another and rekindle what romance had been lost. I purchased a new sexy little number from the local lingerie boutique, a two-piece bra and panty set where the bra had a peek-a-boo cut out to expose my nipples and it was trimmed in red lace. The panties were a plain pair of red lace cheeky panties that sat perfectly on my round, plump ass. I arrived home from work early, around 5 in order prepare for the night. I cooked his favorite dish, consisting of stuffed soft-shell crab drizzled with garlic butter and herbs; a mixed vegetable medley with asparagus, butternut squash and sweet potatoes; and lastly sweet butter rolls made from scratch (a family recipe that he adores). We don’t eat this good often, especially with him being a doctor and health freak and all. I set up the candles on the table and threw on a relatively new trench coat that I had purchased a year ago, but hadn’t worn yet. I laid out on our new Michael Amini Lavelle Melange, Luxury Wood Trim Sofa in hopes that my King would enter into the living room from a long and hard day of work and whisk me away to our bedroom without the thought of dinner. But it didn’t happen and the time was approaching 8 o’clock and my Racy senses were tingling. Oh yeah, Racy is my nickname. By this time, I had also called him 15 times and left a numerous amount of voicemails cursing him out for forgetting that it was our anniversary and that he should’ve been home with me! Sure, the thought of him possibly cheating ran across my mind, but I didn’t let it consume me nor let it become a reality for me. I had finished half of the special bottle of Don Perrier I purchased for the evening, another one of his faves. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. My own husband forgot about me, forgot about us…

After I changed into some real clothes and took a power nap, I promised to meet up with my girl Kayleigh at a local bar downtown. Kayleigh is my girl and we grew up together ever since the sixth grade. She knew how to bring the wild side out of me. I slid my wedding ring off of my finger and placed it in his drawer in his nightstand along with a note that basically threatened him that he could look forward to facing a dose of reality very soon if he doesn’t straighten up. I grabbed my keys and walked out ready to clear my mind.

“Hey Kay, what’s up!” I said half smiling with my head still cloudy from a mix of the alcohol and mixed feelings.

“Hey Chica what’s poppin?” She looked at me and her excitement quickly turned into concerned as she sensed my indifferent attitude. “Aye what’s wrong mami? You don’t look so good? And what made you come out tonight on your anniversary; where’s Darnell?”

“The hell if I know. Your guess is as good as mine!”

“What do you mean you don’t know? Is he okay?! Are you okay?” Kayleigh always knew how to exaggerate.

“Yes, he’s fine. Well from what I know. I mean I haven’t gotten an emergency call or anything saying that he’s not. Well at least, for now he’s fine until I get a hold of him” I murmured while raising one eyebrow thinking of the possibilities of what he could have been doing. All of those days I hinted around what I wanted for our anniversary and I thought he was just playing dumb, but this negro really forgot or just didn’t care! He’s forgotten a lot over the last year, but nothing as important as this!

“Oh my, this sounds bad girl. This mother fucker set you off! I’ve never seen your ass make that face. Not since April Langston snitched on you in algebra class sophomore year for being with Ryan Little,” she said while laughing. April was this bitch I hated since high school who I almost beat up for snitching on me for making out with Ryan in the girls locker room during soccer practice. Apparently she had a crush on the little wimp and couldn’t wait to tell that she witnessed us the following day to our algebra teacher.

“Ha right. But I’m angrier than that, girl.”

“I bet, well let’s get some drinks in you and get this party started, mama!” Kayleigh isn’t the person you vent to and expect advice from. She is definitely a listening ear, but she isn’t the one for words. She’s the one to get you out of the house from moping around all day and MAKE you party or do something to get your mind off of things. That’s why I love her.

I motioned for the bartender to come over and told her my order. After Kayleigh and I had our little pow wow, we drank the last few sips of our drinks and hit the dance floor. We danced on each other, her in front of me, winding her hips to the beat of the songs they played. We didn’t mean anything by it of course, just all in good fun. A few times I noticed this woman lock eyes with me. At least I thought she was looking at me. I brushed it off and kept dancing, maybe I was trippin’. I switched positions with Kayleigh and this time I was the one winding my hips on her as she danced from behind. I turned to the woman’s direction again and she caught me. Her almond shaped eyes were perfectly lined by her pretty long lashes. Her hair was long (could have been weave) and silky looking, and she had on a blue tank top with black leggings that perfectly lined her curves and exposed her curvaceous hips and toned legs. She also wore a black leather jacket and black sandals that exposed her pedicures toe nails. Yes, I was able to see all of this in the dim lit bar where she was at least 12 feet away from me. My favorite song by Future, “Freak Hoe” was coming to an end and as I was finishing up the last bit of twerk, I started to notice a lot of women staring at the both of us.  I looked over at the bartender, who I had just really observed was a tall, slim, dread headed female with locs flowing down her back. It was apparent that she was a stud by her toned arms and slightly masculine demeanor. I then looked over to the bouncer who looked to have about the same features as the bartender, but a little shorter and a little plumper. I don’t know if I was just that exhausted and in need of a drink, but I finally noticed that we were in a damn lesbian bar! I looked over to Kayleigh who told me to come here and asked her what the fuck was going on? And she basically said to me that she comes here often and that they have good drinks. What the fuck, I thought. I knew that she was into chicks and all, but she knew that I wasn’t. We made our way back to the bar, the woman that I locked eyes with approached me.

“You come here a lot?” She asked me with a slight smirk on her face. Kay looked at me as if she was thinking “Ooo go girl!” I looked back over at the woman.

“No, I’ve actually never been here before.” I said keeping my response short.

“Oh, I thought you looked like a fresh face. So you just wanted to try something new?” I looked over at her annoyed and rolled my eyes.

“Again, no, but I am here with a friend. I didn’t even know that we were coming to a…”

“Lesbian bar?” She interrupted. “Is that a bad thing?”

“Of course not, it just caught me off guard,” I said reassuring her. I didn’t want her to think that I was homophobic or anything because I’m not. I was also still kind of star struck by her and I didn’t want to easily push her away.

“I’m just messing with you. My name is Sanai. What’s your name?”

“Rachel. It’s not as pretty or unique as yours, though.” Umm did I just say that?

“Well thank you for the compliment. I think yours is beautiful as well.” By this time, Kay had left to go back to the dance floor and I was just left sitting here talking to Sanai. She sat on the stool next to me and we chatted. I could smell the aroma of the sweet scent of Chanel. She told me about how she got into modeling, in which I can see why she’d be a model. She also discussed her desire for women and why she’s solely interested in the thought of one in her bedroom. She also stated how she’s into men as well, but only for her pleasure, not emotionally.

“I can’t lie, when I saw you on the dance floor, I wanted to take you away from your friend and dance with you myself” she said to me. I started blushing. Maybe it was the drinks or was I really that into her?

“Oh really? Well it looks like I’m free now, so how about that dance?” I got the nerve to agree to a dance? With a woman??? We got up from the bar and headed for the dance floor. I’ve never had this experience before. I never even thought of it. Was this normal? Is this how lesbians typically meet? What’s the protocol? Am I cheating right now? I’ve never entertained another man let alone another woman. These thoughts weren’t really going through my head at the time, but now that I’m reflecting on it, I really can’t fathom how this all happened. As Sean Paul’s “I’m still in love” began to blast from the speakers, I turned to Kay who was dancing with the damn bouncer. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I knew her from. Kay gave me a look of surprise because she knew that I was so protective of my marriage and she was shocked that I was dancing with another female. A hot one at that! She then looked to me as a sign of approval, raising her thumb. I started to let myself and my mind run freely. I was going to enjoy the moment and forget about my worries and just have fun. My back was turned towards Sanai and I began twirling my hips as she wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me closer. Her embrace was warm and inviting and I slid my hands on top of her’s. Her skin was soft and smooth as silk. Things began to get a little steamy as I suddenly felt her lips planting a kiss on my neck. Still tipsy, and not knowing what to make of it, I gave in and turned toward her and leaned in to kiss her. We ended up making out in the middle of the dance floor and the whole bar may had been looking at us and we didn’t give a care in the world. The wetness in my panties apparently didn’t either.

“Would I be too forward if I asked if you wanted to come to my place” she asked with this very seductive look in her eyes.

“No, not at all.” I couldn’t resist. There was something about her that drew me to her. Something that I just couldn’t figure out, but tonight I was going to…

I followed her in my car to her place. She only live about two blocks up from the bar. She lived in these luxury apartments that were just north of downtown Atlanta. Once we parked, she unlocked the door and wasted no time pulling my jacket and her’s off and tossing them to the floor. She caressed my body, squeezing on my breasts through my shirt as she backed me into her bedroom. She slouched off the edge of the bed while looking at me.

“Now, strip…slowly” she demanded me. I looked at her in confusion replying,

“Excuse me?” She glanced up and down my body before standing up and fiddling with my hair pushing it out of my face. She then trickled her forefinger down my face gently and then over my mouth as a way to hush me.

“Shhh. Don’t talk, just listen and obey.” She went over to her closet to pull out a long, black, leather whip. She spanked me, not hard but enough to wake me up and help me realize what was happening. I’m here at another woman’s house. No, scratch that. I’m here at a lesbian woman’s house about to submit in sexual desires that I never knew I had before. I let out a moan, trying to contain myself as she slapped my ass with this leather sash again. “Now do as I said and strip.” I did so and did it slowly, still slightly confused because I didn’t take her as the dominatrix type. I had forgot that I still had my lingerie on under my outfit from earlier. There I stood with my apple shaped, caramel ass poking out, and my large brown areolas and hardened nipples were exposed through my peek-a-boo laced bra. She looked at them hungrily and in amazement at the same time.

“So you wore this knowing you’d get some tonight, huh?” she said before she took one into her mouth. Her hands began to slide my panties down and she reached to massage my clitoris. I was so moist that I couldn’t tell my damn self if I had already cum.

“Who told you to be this damn wet” she asked aggressively.

“I couldn’t help…”

“That wasn’t for you to answer. I see that I have a little rebel on my hands. You keep talking out of turn, and your pussy is drenched!” She grabbed her whip and spanked my ass again, only this time a little harder. She laid me on the bed and tied my hands together above my head to the headboard with these pink furry handcuffs. She then slowly kissed my body starting from my neck, ending at my pussy. I started moaning uncontrollably and anxious for the next treat. She opened my lips apart and began slurping up all the juice that I believed to be there. Continuing to suck on my clit, I think that I was about to cum after it only being 30 seconds of this delightful, unexplainable, pleasure.

“Don’t you fucking dare” she shouted, for I was about to give her the nut of my life. She rose up and then placed two fingers inside, entering and exiting slowly as a tease at first, but gradually went a little harder. She began to hit my G-spot, curling the fingers inside of my pussy as she went in and forming the “come here” motion.

“FUCK!” I shouted unable to keep my soft moans under control. She started going faster and faster and I began to feel myself getting ready to climax. She stopped and grabbed a pink object from her drawer next to the bed. She slid it across the top of my pussy and entered it into my pussy. Her thumb on her other hand began rubbing on my clit as she pounded my insides deeper inside, hitting every vaginal nerve inside of me. Suddenly, there was a knocked at her door.

“Aye Sanai open up! You startin’ without me?” A familiar voice yelled as he continued to pound on the door from outside of the apartment. Sanai paused as she lifted up.

“I’ll be right there Darnell. Give me a sec, babe.”

What the fuck!?

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and well...food. Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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