It had been at least 6 months since I’d been on a decent date. I had tried a countless number of times to give these men a try, but it always backfires! My friends say that I’m too picky. But me, I think that I may have some sort of tattoo marked on my forehead that says “Assholes Welcome.” Even some of the sexiest, most successful brothas barely come around and if they do, it’s just the higher management at my job passing me compliments while walking by. I mean damn I’m not bad looking at all!

I’m half Puerto Rican and half black. I’ve been told that I have some of the most beautiful long, black and luxurious hair. I’m 32 years old and I work for a marketing company that help businesses better market their brands. My coworkers, mostly women, tell me that it’s crazy that I’m single and such a waste of “good eggs.” I didn’t know whether or not to be offended because they I was only good for making babies or just that I am that pretty. I tried online dating on eharmony, black people meet, and hell, I’m not a Christian, but I tried Christian mingle too! I finally gave up until one day, I met this guy who completely changed everything…

I met him at a fair where I took my 9-year-old niece for the day. I held her hand as she pointed to the funnel cake stand as a way of telling me she wanted a snack. As we approached the line, we stood at what we thought was the end of the line, until this guy, and who I assumed was with his son, cleared his throats and said,

“Excuse you miss, my nephew and I were in line” he said with a smart ass attitude.

“Well you were not standing in it. Maybe next time you should actually stand behind the person in front of you,” I snarled back without turning back towards him. Now mind you, I did say that I’m half Puerto Rican, so you know it took everything in me not to go off. It’s already hot as the devil’s ass outside and I’m not the most kid friendly person. Every little move my niece made was starting to irritate the hell out of me.

“Hey ma’am, I don’t want any trouble. It’s just that my nephew here has been talking about this funnel cake for the longest and I just wanted to get it for him and get going. I mean, to hurry things along, I can pay for your’s too, beautiful.” Oh no he didn’t just think he can buy me off with a compliment and some dessert.

“So you think you can just call me beautiful and…”

I turned around to witness this Snowflake of a God before me. I won’t lie, Papi was fiiiiine. I hadn’t paid him any attention before we jumped in line to notice how good he looked. He was a white guy, but his swagger was a pretty good match up of a black guy’s. He was tall, about 6’0, which I adored, and his eyes were grey. He was wearing a grey graphic tee, which exposed his toned arms, and the cuts of his 6 packs were peeking through his shirt. He paired his shirt with cargo shorts and a pair of Jordan 12s.  Maybe it was his neatly groomed beard that complimented his short haircut. Or maybe it was those beautiful grey eyes that I could vision on our babies that we could make together. Okay, now I’m taking it too far, but you get what I’m saying. The boy was looking scrumptious! He looked me up and down as if he were checking me out. I certainly didn’t want to make it known that I was somewhat into him. But it was too late.

“…Miss? HELLO?!” He yelled out to me.

I replied with a staggering, “Yes?”

Oh shit was I just zoned out? I know he didn’t just catch me imaginary fucking him in my head!

“How about I just pay for all of ours, because I don’t want any trouble. I should have actually been in line and made it a little clearer.”

“Yeah, you should’ve!” You know my smart ass had to be childish. “But you can pay though,” I said half smiling. He laughed.

“My name is, Timothy, but you can just call me, Tim, and this is my nephew, Isaac.” I forgot we both had the kids with us for a second.

“Well, nice to meet y’all. My name is Kayleigh, but you can call me Kayleigh,” I said in a sarcastic voice. “And this is my niece, Alyssa.”

“Nice to meet you both. You both are very pretty ladies, I must say.

“Thank you, Mr. Timothy” my niece replied.

“Oh please, just call me Tim.” We picked up our plates from the side of the food truck and walked over to a table. The kids ate their funnel cakes and my niece and his nephew went to ride on the ride next to our table. Basically, long story short, we talked for a while and he even mentioned that he cooked. “…So yeah I made this meal for my nephew and…”

“Wait a minute why did you put your nephew through some bad ass cooking” I interrupted.

“I do cook. I’m actually very good.”

“Oh, really?” I asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, you should come over and let me make something for you. Whatever you’d like.”

“Hmm okay well you know the way to my heart is through my belly!” I joked. “How about spaghetti? Sounds simple enough? I’m free this weekend. Actually I’m free tonight once I drop Alyssa off back home. ” Damn did I sound desperate?

“So tonight at 9? I’m free after I drop Isaac off as well.” He’s persistent I thought. I liked that.

“Sure thing” I smiled. The kids returned and we each went our separate ways after we first exchanged numbers.

Finding something to wear would be the hard part. I wanted to wear something that showed my sexy hour glass figure. Something to hug around my curvaceous hips and my firm and sexy culo. (That’s Spanish for ass by the way).Something that showed just a peak of cleavage and mildly displayed my soft, yet nicely toned legs. I basically wanted to wear something that was sexy, but classy; showed that I was available, but not desperate; horny, but not a hoe. After trying on what seemed like 100 outfits, I came across this sexy little number I hadn’t worn in a long time. You can never go wrong with a sexy red dress. It was perfect, stopping about 4 inches above the knee, the cups in the cleavage added a little push to mildly display my newly lifted breasts (Yes I had a little work done). I applied my makeup and curled my hair and added the red lipstick as the finishing touch. It was now 8:30 and I’d just received his text with the address. I grabbed my clutch and keys and went for the door. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Oh, I hope I get some tonight. It’s been a while.”

I pulled up to a gated community. I honestly thought that my car took me to the wrong place. Damn he was living large like this?! I rang the doorbell to this gorgeous 3 story mansion. The lawn was perfectly manicured and the water sculpture outside was absolutely beautiful. He opened the door and I could tell that he was trying so hard to keep his composure once he got a glimpse of what would might be dessert. “Wow, you look amazing,” he said. I got a good look at him as I walked in. He sported a button-up solid colored shirt which was half opened. Yes, those abs were really there, I thought to myself.

“Why thank you,” I smiled. “Show me around why don’t you. Your home is beautiful.”

“Thanks. I just moved in a few months ago. Still getting used to it. Let me show you the living room.” He had two glasses of wine in his hands and handed me one. He gave me a tour around and went on about how it was constructed and how he owns his own construction company and designed the house himself. As he was talking, I couldn’t help but think about ripping his shirt off and exposing the rest of his chiseled chest and planting my lips all over him, softly kissing each peck and slowly moving down each ab one by one. I was hoping he would take me down right in the living room from the start honestly.

“And at last we enter the dining room. Have a seat here and I’ll go and grab the food.” He returned with two bowls of salad as the appetizer. The salad was packed with lots of goodies. Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate toasted almonds, dried cranberries, homemade garlic croutons, and strawberries. We began to eat and he mentioned that he made the vinaigrette for the salad.

“Oh my, this is delicioso! Is that raspberry I taste?”

“You know your food,” he said smiling. “Yes, it is. It’s an old recipe”

“Let me guess, you cook this for all of the women you’ve been with?” I asked sarcastically but seriously wanted to know.

“I don’t have women. I honestly don’t date often. This is my first date in at least six months.” Was he my hidden soulmate or something?

“Seriously? Same here!” I asked surprised. How could women not be throwing themselves naked at him? I damn sure would’ve if I wasn’t trying to send a different impression.

“Oh really? That’s a shame especially for someone to not have swept you up. I know for me, I just want to find something real. It seems like… Oh wait let me go grab the spaghetti out of the oven.” He got up from the table and entered back in with two plates of orgasmic looking spaghetti. The smells of Italian seasoned tomato base, with a hint of basil and garlic filled the room. You could tell that the noodles were handmade and the sauce had a creamy base added to it. This white boy knew how to cook!

“This is amazing!” I said as I devoured my plate. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” He smiled. “Just wait until dessert.”

Oh wow, there’s more?!

We finished our food and talked some more as we entered the living room and sat on the couch. We talked about our childhood and work and other crap I didn’t really care about. I was only listening to half of his words because my eyes instantly diverted back to his chest. Was it just me or was he glistening a little? He walked back into the kitchen to grab dessert. He came back in with pomegranate parfait cups with dark chocolate granola at the base of the dish and a plate of strawberries with chocolate syrup. Like dinner, I practically devoured this thing in my mouth. I have no issues with eating in front of guys. Turn off or not, I have no shame.

The wine was getting to the both of our heads because next thing you know, I started giggling and touching on him.We locked eyes and he then gently kissed my lips.

He slowly added in his tongue and amorously sucked on the bottom of my lip. He then passionately kissed my succulent lips while his hands wrapped around the nape of my back. His finger tips trailed softly toward the front to my navel and then up to my breasts. His hands opened as he cupped each breast squeezing tightly and aggressively through my dress. I took it upon myself to rip open the remainder of his shirt, exposing his entire chest and threw it on the floor. He slowly lowered the straps on my dress and gently tugged the dress down. He reached behind him over to his plate where 2 whole strawberries still remained. He grabbed one and dipped it in the leftover chocolate sauce and rubbed it on my neck, following up with his lips slurping up the sauce. He placed the strawberry in my mouth. I first twirled my tongue around it seductively, then bit into it. I sucked the juices up and then finished it. He stood back and stared at me looking as if he were turned on even more.

“You scared to take it off?” I whispered in his ear. That must’ve put fire under his ass because from then on he threw that romantic shit out the window. Nearly ripping my dress off, he exposed my half naked body. I stood up in order to allow him to pull down my panties. He did so with his teeth slowly. I let out a soft moan.  As I stood he remained seated and reached for the back of my bra and unfastened it letting it fall to the ground and unveiling my ample breasts. My nipples were hard and erect. Delighted he devoured each one in his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and moistened each nipple, moving lower to my navel and down to my pussy. He then separated my lips and met my clitoris with his tongue, fluttering it gently then enclosing his lips around it sucking gently. I think by this point I began screaming because my goodness, the shit felt good! His lips were so soft and raptured in my wetness making it feel like I was nearly about to cum. He paused and took off his remaining clothes. He picked me up and carried me to one of the guest rooms on the lower level. He laid me down on the bed. He put his protection on and gently kissed me from my neck to my navel. He placed his thumb on my clitoris and rubbed it gently as he entered his shaft into my opening slowly. I gasped as he did, and I didn’t expect his dick to be so big. As he entered, my walls accepted him and grew tighter around him, releasing him as he departed. He then motioned for me to turn over and I obliged, arching my back and lifting my ass up. To my surprise his lips, were readily awaiting to softly kiss each cheek. He twirled his tongue inside and shifted in and out. I couldn’t contain my moans as they grew louder. He rose and replaced his tongue with his thumb and gently massaged my hole while entering my vaginal cave. Thrusting, but this time a little more aggressively, while I received and returned it. We continued until we both shouted in climax.

He plowed on top of me holding me tightly as if he didn’t want to let go; like a kid squeezing his blanket tightly. His skin felt immaculate and I succumbed in his hold. He shifted his position in order to remove from on top of me. I rose up and asked where the restroom was and he pointed over to the door next to the closet. The bathroom was gorgeous. It was brown trimmed in gold and  the sink was fountain style. The toilette was gold! I really didn’t want to take a piss on such a beauty, but as bad as I had to go, fuck that! As I looked over to my left, I saw the beautiful vintage, cream colored bathtub and next to it was a steam shower. I was in complete awe and dazed, not only by the immaculate home, but by who I ran into at a neighborhood carnival. Maybe I lucked up. Could this be someone worth giving a shot? Or is this just a one night stand? I finished up and washed my hands. There was a towel that I assumed to be the hand towel, so I picked it up. While doing so, I heard something fall to the ground; something that sounded like a rock. Confused and realizing that I can’t afford to lose anything of his, I looked down to grab it…. A wedding ring???
(To be continued…)

Author: Lady Dri

My name is Dri and I'm probably one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet! I love food and if it was morally accepted and humanly possible, food would be bae. I love to cook and I love to write romantic stories. The sole purpose of this blog is to combine the two. I will put a warning out there that the content that I write is very erotic. Therefore, I suggest that if you can't take the heat, then get out the sex dungeon 😈. Corny, I know, but seriously guys, this is for grown folks. I honestly will admit that I do have a very passionate side that has quite the story to tell and with this blog, I do just that through five characters who will share their experience with love, sex and well...food. Your tummies will be filled with love, laughter, and delicious delicacies as you take a journey with these five women. With that being said, please click the follow button and prepare to feast on the sensuous comforts that will leave you full and STILL wanting more!

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